NEPTUNE dispenser systems

Innovative skin care systems for your washroom

The new NEPTUNE dispenser-system makes the use of Physioderm® products even more convenient. The universal dispenser is suitable for all types of products – skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care as well as for disinfection products.

The NEPTUNE dispenser-system is easy to load; refills can be exchanged without much effort. The appropriate valve is part of each bottle. Since the valve is replaced with each refill, creams, lotions, gels and foams are always dispensed ideally and hygienically.

The flexible, universal dispenser was especially developed for wash- rooms in industry, administration and public buildings. Moreover, the NE PTUNE dispenser-system is available in both a manual and an automatic, touch-free version. Its unique, customizable design makes this 1-l-dispenser perfect for any application.

Flyer NEPTUNE dispenser (998 KB)