PROTEXSAN - Effective Skin Protection with Luteolin

PROTEXSAN - Physioderm®'s new concept for  the individual prophylaxis of sensitive or extremely stressed skin.


The new skin protection cream PROTEXSAN offers permanent protection in case of frequent contact with skin-damaging substances. It strengthens the skin’s barrier function and protects the skin effectively from free radicals and from water-soluble substances. In doing so, PROTEXSAN protects very sensitive, extremely stressed and already irritated skin.

Luteolin, a natural antioxidant whose effect is potentiated because of co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin E, is an important factor with regard to PROTEXSAN’s outstanding efficiency. Moreover, luteolin is the reason why PROTEXSAN operates anti-inflammatorily, absorbs UV radiation and supports the generation of collagen.

The skin protection cream’s innovative galenic system makes an important contribution to its effect. PROTEXSAN’s lamellar structure is based on the construction of the barrier inside of the skin’s horny layer. Due to its membrane structure similar to the skin, the cream protects and supports the skin’s barrier function very effectively. Furthermore, PROTEXSAN’s special production method renders the usage of emulsifiers redundant. For that reason, there is no opportunity for emulsifiers to build up inside of the epidermis and for the skin to lose important natural lipids due to the wash out effect.