Environmentally Friendly: The Skin-Cleansing Foam STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM has Been Awarded the EU Ecolabel

STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM 1000 ml Neptune bottle with EU Ecolabel

The Skin-Cleansing Foam STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM in 1000 ml Neptune bottles is a further product from the Physioderm® product range which has been awarded the coveted EU Ecolabel.

The label is awarded by the European Commission to those products and services which have comparatively less impact on the environment. The EU Ecolabel is recognized in all 28 EU Member States as well as in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey. Thus, the label is a reference for consumers in all of Europe who would like to support a sustainable production and environmentally-friendly products.

The criteria of the voluntary EU ecolabel regarding environmental compatibility exceed the statutory provisions by far. For non-food products especially the input of raw and hazardous materials, energy and water consumption as well as the choice of packaging and its disposal are taken into account. In Germany, the RAL gGmbH is responsible for the examination of the criteria on behalf of the European Commission. The EU Ecolable is only allowed to be used, if all requirements are met.

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