The History of the Brand Physioderm®

From the Beginnings up to now

In 1885, Albert Boehringer acquired a small tartar-factory in Ingelheim/Rhine in order to produce pharmaceutical raw materials. As a result of this small factory, the foundation of Physioderm® as experts in skin care began. Boehringer Ingelheim had already had over 40 years experience in health industries, when in 1929, the second regulation extending accident insurance to work related injuries and dermatitis went into effect. In the 1950’s, Boehringer’s subsidiary Basotherm was founded and established as a leading provider of dermatological products. With its brands stephalen®, sansibal® and physioderm®, the company set high standards for occupational skin care. In 1995, the history of Physioderm® as an independent company began: Basotherm’s occupational skin care products and programs were spun off and started operating under the name of Physioderm GmbH & Co. KG . In 2008, the merge with Peter Greven Hautschutz GmbH & Co. KG led to an even more comprehensive product range and competence in the professional skin care industry. Currently, the globally operating company Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH considers itself a leader in innovation.


Approved Principles for the Future

Since the beginning in the former tartar factory, many things have changed, but our principles always remained the same. Continuous innovation, customer acceptance and loyalty as well as an uncompromising commitment to quality are the reasons why Physioderm® will continue to offer innovative and effective state-of-the-art concepts for protection, cleansing and care of occupationally stressed skin. The result: a safer and healthier workplace.