Light Dirt



Neutral cleansing syndet, also suitable for the food industry.

  • colorant-free
  • soap- and alkali-free
  • skin-neutral pH value
  • fragrance-free
  • HACCP-compliant
  • BLUE ANGEL environmental label and EU Ecolabel for 1000 ml Neptune bottles and 2000 ml collapsible bottles

Application area:
Gentle skin cleansing in case of removing light dirt. Especially suitable for the food industry.

Product properties:
Transparent skin wash. The high-qualitiy surfactants in ECOSAN have excellent skin compatibility.

Product information Ecosan

Model Product
13897024 ECOSAN tube, 200 ml Lupe
13897015 ECOSAN hard bottle, 500 ml Lupe
13897005 ECOSAN hard bottle, 1000 ml Lupe
13897004 ECOSAN Neptune bottle, 1000 ml Lupe
13897012 ECOSAN round bottle, 1000 ml Lupe
13897003 ECOSAN collapsible bottle, 2000 ml Lupe