Physio UV 30 Sun

UV radiation

Physio UV 30 Sun

Physio UV 30 Sun

Skin protection cream with high protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.

Application area:

PHYSIO UV 30 SUN is suitable for outdoor work places with intensive natural UV radiation. In addition, the product provides protection against UVC radiation, e.g. from welding operations.

Product properties:

  • high protection with SPF 30
  • UVA protection: 24 / highest category (5 „Stars“) of the Boots rating system
  • suitable for very sensitive skin (photodermatologically tested)
  • very water-resistant
  • modern system of photostable UV filters with silicone coating
  • with vitamin E
  • fragrance-free

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Model Product
14134002 Physio UV 30 Sun tube, 100 ml Lupe
14134001 Physio UV 30 Sun tube, 20 ml Lupe
14134004 Physio UV 30 Sun collapsible bottle, 1000 ml Lupe