UV radiation

Physio UV 50 Spray

Physio UV 50 Spray

Water-resistant, transparent sun spray with immediate protection against high natural UV radiation in case of outdoor work.

Application area:
physio uv 50 SPRAY
is suitable for outdoor work places with medium to very high natural UV radiation. The moisturizing formulation can contribute to cellular protection against oxygen radicals which evolve under UV light. PHYSIO UV 50 SPRAY reduces premature skin aging caused by sunlight.

Product properties:

  • high protection with SPF 50
  • UVA protection factor 26
  • with vitamin E
  • optimal handling, also suitable for hairy sections of the skin
  • bottle can be used upside down for reaching sections of the skin which are not easily accessible
  • moisturizing
  • water-resistant
  • fragrance-fre
  • free from greases

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Model Product
14055001 PHYSIO UV 50 SPRAY pump spray bottle, 200 ml Lupe