Heavy dirt


Skin cleanser with natural scrubbing agents for the removal of heavy dirt, e.g. oil, soot, graphite and metallic dust.

  • strong cleansing power
  • with natural scrubbing agents made of olive seed powder
  • solvent-free
  • perfumed

  • Item no.GTINProduct
  • TOPSCRUB® NATURE141230034260029178197TOPSCRUB® NATURE, 200 ml tube
  • TOPSCRUB® NATURE141230044260029178210TOPSCRUB® NATURE, 1000 ml Neptune bottleShow suitable dispensers
  • 141230024260029178173TOPSCRUB® NATURE, 2000 ml collapsible bottleShow suitable dispensers
  • 141230254260766260797TOPSCRUB® NATURE, 2500 ml hard bottle
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