Water-soluble substances


Skin protection cream in case of skin exposure to water-soluble substances, especially in the food industry, e.g. aqueous food products, detergents and disinfectants.

  • food safe
  • absorbed quickly
  • silicone-free
  • perfume- and fragrance-free
  • HACCP-compliant

  • Item no.GTINProduct
  • NUTRI SAFE 100 ml tube134570084260029173697NUTRI SAFE, 100 ml tube
  • NUTRI SAFE134570164260029177732NUTRI SAFE, 500 ml bottle
  • NUTRI SAFE134570074260029173710NUTRI SAFE, 1000 ml collapsible bottleShow suitable dispensers
  • NUTRI SAFE134570094260029174021NUTRI SAFE, 1000 ml Neptune bottleShow suitable dispensers
  • NUTRI SAFE134570174260029177756NUTRI SAFE, 1000 ml hard bottle
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