Wet areas and cold & frosty conditions


Skin protection cream for working in wet and moist conditions, e.g. when handling diluted surfactant solutions and diluted alkalis, as well as for working in cold and frosty conditions.

  • water-resistant W/O emulsion
  • greasy cream
  • silicone-free
  • perfume- and fragrance-free
  • suitable for the food industry
  • HACCP-compliant

  • Item no.GTINProduct
  • SANIWIP®140460034260029175493SANIWIP®, 100 ml tube
  • SANIWIP®140460014260029175455SANIWIP®, 1000 ml collapsible bottleShow suitable dispensers
  • SANIWIP®140460024260029175479SANIWIP®,
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