Stephalen® Fresh Foam
Stephalen® Fresh Foam

Light dirt

Stephalen® Fresh Foam

Stephalen® Fresh Foam

The concentrate STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM is a clear, blue liquid which is slightly perfumed. The foam concentrate is adapted to the natural protective layer of the human skin.

Application area:

Pleasantly perfumed skin-cleansing foam for the removal of light dirt

Product properties:

STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM is a slightly perfumed foam concentrate which is free from soaps and alkali and which has a skin-neutral pH value. Furthermore, the nurturing ingredient glycerin maintains the skin’s moisture and prevents it from drying out. In contrast to wash lotions, STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM is very economical.

The foam concentrate is exclusively available in 1-L-NEPTUNE-bottles for the NEPTUNE dispenser system. STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM has been awarded the EU Ecolabel.

Product information Stephalen® Fresh Foam

Model Product
13829002 STEPHALEN® FRESH FOAM Neptune bottle, 1000 ml Lupe