From Risk Assessment to the Hand Care Plan

Identify and assess local hazards

  • We examine the conditions in your company and identify possible dangers for your employees.
  • This can be, for example, working in a humid environment, frequent hand washing and disinfecting, or handling oils and greases.

Create a model for reasonable implementation of the skin care concept

  • We evaluate the identified skin hazards.
  • On the basis of the local conditions - including the washing areas and work processes - we create a model for the practical implementation of a skin care concept.
  • In doing so, economic efficiency is an essential factor.

Develop the skin care concept and examine it in free product tests

  • Based on the hazards and conditions determined, we will propose a skin care concept to you.
  • We take into account special requirements, such as the parallel use of gloves, special hygiene requirements, e.g. when handling food, existing incompatibilities among employees, absence of greasy fingerprints on workpieces, etc.
  • The wash place analysis provides you with a suggestion where dispenser systems should necessarily be installed or where individual packaging should be preferred. The analysis takes into account the exact processes in the company, so the dispensers or products are available where they are really needed, e.g. in the washroom, in the changing room or directly at the workplace.
  • By conducting a product test in your company, you can check the practical suitability of the concept. We provide all necessary products, dispensers, etc. free of charge.

Use hand care plan and instruct employees

  • Once the products are established, the concept is transferred into a hand care plan.
  • The plan makes it easier for employees to use the right products for protection, cleaning, care and disinfection at work and wash stations.
  • If requested, we can support you in instructing your employees by providing application training on site, but also with videos, motivation posters, etc.

Continuously optimize and update the concept

  • A good skin care concept is continuously optimized.
  • Work processes and working materials change, so your skin care concept must be regularly adapted to practice.
  • We also support you in these ongoing measures.