White Skin Cancer

UV radiation, such as the one which is contained in natural sunlight, increases the risk of skin cancer. This is a fact which is undisputed nowadays. People who work outdoors on a regular basis are exposed to the danger of skin cancer. Therefore, the protection from natural sunlight is an important topic for employees and employers.


Right Application of Sun Protection Products

In order to grant efficient protection, the measures taken have to include appropriate clothing and headgear as well as suitable sun protection products. The effectiveness of sun protection products depends considerably on their consequent and generous application. Moreover, sun protection products have to be applied regularly. The protection factor indicates in which degree the sun protection product extents the skin’s own self-protection time. By using a product with factor 20, employees are allowed to expose themselves to the sun 20 times longer than without protection. However, in practice, products with a high sun protection factor also lose their effect over time. This is caused by physical exposure, rubbing and perspiration, for instance. Therefore, skin protection products have to be applied more often.

Different Products Protecting from UVA, UVB and UVC Radiation

The requirements for products protecting the skin from exposure caused by natural UV rays when working outdoors differ considerably from the requirements for products which offer protection from artificial UVC radiation - such as the one which emerges in the case of electric welding. Thus, many recent UV protection products include filters which contain silicone in order to prevent the product’s adherence and in order to prevent the white color on the skin which occurs after the product’s application. Nevertheless, products protecting from artificial UVC radiation are sometimes not allowed to contain silicone, e.g. when they are used in the context of surface processing.