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Our Products for Effective Skin Care

Hautschutz • Physioderm

Skin Protection

Skin protection products are used before and during work. They are designed to prevent the penetration of potentially harmful substances into the skin.

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Hautreinigungs • Physioderm

Skin Cleansing

Cleansers must ensure a thorough cleansing without putting additional strain on the skin. Therefore, a stronger preparation should never be used than is necessary.

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Hautpflege • Physioderm

Skin Care

Care products are applied to cleansed skin after work. They support the regeneration of the skin and serve to restore the natural skin barrier.

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Physioderm® – My Skin Care

Effective skin care at work is an essential precondition for a long and healthy professional life. With Physioderm®, you have a competent and committed partner who offers high-valued as well as precisely fitting solutions. As a leading supplier in the domain of occupational skin protection, we develop integrated concepts which comprise all aspects of an effective prevention: precautionary protection against harmful workplace substances, skin-friendly but thorough cleansing, effective disinfection as well as efficient skin care. Almost 100 years of experience and innovation ensure that you can always expect best quality from Physioderm®.


Skin Care is our Mission.


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Funktion der Haut • Physioderm

Occupational Skin Diseases

As a barrier, the skin protects the body from harmful influences - and is constantly exposed to these influences.

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Effektive Prävention durch Hautschutz • Physioderm

Effective Prevention due to Skin Care

Prevention is the best medicine – a principle that also holds true for occupational skin diseases.

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Weisser Hautkrebs kann Berufskrankheit sein • Physioderm

White Skin Cancer

UV radiation, as it is also contained in natural sunlight, increases the risk of skin cancer: this is an undisputed fact.

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Beratertool • Physioderm

Hand Care Plan Configurator

Create individual hand care plans in a quick and easy way with our hand care plan online configurator.

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